Discontinued: We have discontinued our distribution as not many people are interested and we are not just creating U for the sake of making it.

Welcome to the ULinux WikiEdit

The updated Edge Linux Wiki with the new ULinux branding

To find what you're looking for on this wiki, just search, however we have tried to keep the essential bits in the 'Getting Started' section of the homepage, which also contains some external links from the openSUSE(of which the OS is based off of) wiki.

What is ULinuxEdit

ULinux is a free openSUSE-based operating system that aims to be as core as possible, yet easier set up than something like Arch. The most notable differences in ULinux compared to openSUSE is that ULinux has extra repositories for installing Budgie/Cinnamon and uses Nano as it's default text editor instead of Vim.

Getting Started Edit


Downloading and setup Edit

Download ULinux

Install ULinux


Getting to grips with the terminal Edit

Learn all the commands in ULinux

Introduction to 'zypper'


Installing and a desktop Edit


Installing a Window Manager(if required)

Installing a desktop environment on ULinux

Installing a display manager on ULinux


Generally used software Edit

Web Browsers

File Managers

Office Suites


Latest activityEdit

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